Microsoft helps NSA,FBI spy on your email and Skype calls.




Kelly Parker

(R.I.P. Kelly)

Parker HomeKelly is gone now, but you can read about her courageous battle here: Kelly Parkers Facebook page.


The Survival Seed Bank

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Lisa Chappell

No doubt one of the most beautiful women in the world;  Lisa Chappell signifies the word "Feelings".  Lisa, has given so much to so many and yet continues to cultivate her passions and desires.  We have cried with her and rejoiced in her accomplishments. 

The word, "Heart" somehow encases her inner feelings which she "Gifts" to us in Her Song, Her Art and Her Interpretations.  Mum, this is Lisa!  Every young mans "Dream".  In this mind's eye she epitomizes the word, "Woman".  Someday, I hope to be apart of an audience as she paints picture from song and song from picture. Visit Lisa's Facebook Page or Her Music Store. Check out her Fan Site too!

Desire from Lisa Chappell on Myspace

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Lisa Kelly

On Lisa's site you can find photo's of her, her family, pets, friends and the many adventures she's undertaken in her career. I find her to be fascinating and love her to death. Note: Born in Michigan, uummm wonder if that has anything to do with it? Simply love her show and wish her and her family much success.

You can also purchase great Lisa Gear at her online store; Going to get some stuff for collectables shortly. She also has a Blog Page and Forum as well as online Chat Room, "Check it out"! You can also find photos of other IRT Characters there: Like Hugh, Rick and Alex.

She has links to for photos and videos of the shows. There are several links to stories an events describing what Lisa has been up too, since the shows inception. I think she has a wonderful site and you should definitely stop in for a visit.

Make sure to Visit her Home Page or her Facebook page

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Andrew P. Napolitano

Defender of the Constitution: Judge Andrew Napolitano was born in Newark, New Jersey. He is a graduate of Princeton University (he was a founding member of the Concerned Alumni of Princeton) and Notre Dame Law School. Napolitano sat on the New Jersey bench from 1987 to 1995, becoming the state's youngest then-sitting Superior Court judge.

He also served as an adjunct professor at Seton Hall University School of Law for 11 years. Napolitano resigned his judgeship in 1995 to pursue his writing and television career.

We feel he's a "Great Defender" Of The Constitution Of The United States.

Visit the Judge's Home Page or his Facebook Page.

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Paris Hilton

We don't have the time nor the space to pretend how significant a role "Paris Hilton" has played in the world. Her givings, Her accomplishments and Personality are so large; She's undoubtedly by far one of the most admired Celebrity's in the World.

Paris The Model. Paris The Actress. Paris The Singer. Paris The Business Woman. Paris The Philanthropist. Paris The Party Queen. Paris-Paris Just Wonderful Paris, a never ending saga of Beauty and Brains.

Visit Paris's Home Page or her Facebook Page.

The "man" who made Paris Hilton.(By Abbey Goodman) CNN story

Wikipedia on: House Of Wax

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